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April 15, 2014

When daytime comes to slay your sleep
and morning siphons out your dreams;
when sunlight streams and darkness seems
like memory, like emptiness;
when shallow thoughts consume your mind
and surface tasks are all you find;
when living leeches out your depth
and wakefulness restricts your reach;
when language wrecks your want for speech
and voices can’t be understood;
when daytime comes you’ll be alright,
but don’t resist the coming night.


April 14, 2014

My problem comes around again—
repeating endlessly: I wake
up tired, for resting did not slake
the weariness—I slept in vain.
Yet still tonight I will refrain
from sleeping ‘til the devil takes
my thoughts and dreams away and makes
me rest in emptiness mundane.
I cannot sleep before my mind
is dead; I cannot rest unless
I find contentment in my heart;
I cannot sleep unless I find
a void of self inside my chest;
I cannot rest, I fall apart.


April 13, 2014

The blossoms sing songs from the trees
as I dance with the sun and the breeze—
can I keep up this dance with the spring—
will my voice—will I know what to sing?
All the branches are starting to dress—
in their finery try to express
happiness for the year newly bright,
they reach up to the sun and the light—
can I lift up my arms to the sky—
will my strength—will I actively try?
In the newness and life of the spring,
my exhaustion’s a tired old thing.


April 12, 2014

Five teacups in a row, upon
gold-plated saucers made in Greece,
upon a bookshelf on a floor
that needs a vacuum pretty bad—
five teacups in a row.


April 12, 2014

Little words and cold feet,
adventuring on the table
and laughing,
even through exhaustion.


April 10, 2014

Sunshine was a presence,
so close I had to
squint, and
even in the car it reached me.

Sunshine and
are trying to befriend me,
and even though their
are sometimes too warm,
I am glad to see them.

Still, though,
winter has
retreated inside me,
and holds me tight.

Can I shed the silent skin
if it lies beneath
layers of clothing
built up over a season?
I need to slip it off
before my coats
have been removed—
drop it
before the sun shines
too brightly.

Keep the cool
breezes, calm
my harried motions.
I’m warm on two sides, now,
and I need to
inside and out.

stay distant,
and let me gather my


April 9, 2014

What could I work towards
if I want to work in confidence?
What do I know for sure—
just one day I will disappear.

What could I move towards
if I want to move in confidence?
What do I know for sure—
just one day I will disappear.


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