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Tea / Time

July 28, 2014

Click here to download a collection of my poems in a handwritten PDF.

(Contains 12 poems from my 365 project on the subjects of tea or time).

From my bed, two hours after waking

July 26, 2014

With crooked foot bones, limping everywhere,
we have no roots but phones beneath our beds—
I’ll cling to you with tendril arms of curve
and bend of letters, sing to you with words
of song in black and white upholstery.
We break our arms at home these days, at work
our limbs are left alone to praise the tick
and tocking, but our minds are not. Are not.
Are knotting. Crooked eyes return to bed
and window staring dry. I’ll dream of you,
but first, my brain untangling, I will loose
my thoughts online. We needn’t think, with minds
so ragged, needn’t spend our flagged thoughts,
our mother knows our utmost tangle, shows
us what we needn’t say. I’ll dream of you,
I think, but first my mind must empty, first
my mind must think no thoughts but empty sleep.
So deep, our sleep, we dream of nought; so cheap,
our being, weeping not for rights, so god
must send his angels grey to rain upon
the broken day that we ignored in sleep.
Your face will be my sun, since Ra is wont
to burn me, keeps me up at night, won’t let
the heat subside. Your eyes will be my stars,
since city lights are for the beetles in
their search for purpose. Will your skin be kind
to me as earthen surface fails my feet?
With crooked hedgerows, showing everything,
we have the privilege of knowing what
our lack of privacy is doing to
the cleanliness of all our homes. Though I
am rather closed, I’d like to let you in,
but watch your step—it’s dark in here, my hedge
is all around us. Do we need to see,
or will our words in darkness be enough?

i am

July 2, 2014

i am
the failed fruit
the futile child
who never grew
but longs to die

i am
the squandered sperm
the broken egg
who never earns
but will not beg
(for death)

i am
the damaged dream
the backwards flesh
who never seems
to do his best

i am
the bastard dirt
the homeless seed
who has no worth
that no one sees

i am
the neverend
andthe false     start
no joy within
my wrinkled heart

Regarding the crow from April of this year

June 26, 2014

in the ivy, dead, it lies,
baring bones and shriveled eyes.
a dead crow in the leaves.

in the grass it lay before.
now, it isn’t any more
than dead crow in the leaves.

tragedy had struck its wing,
now it lies, a broken thing,
a dead crow in the leaves.

i will take its bones, inter
skull and hip to mother earth—
a dead crow in her leaves.

time will show it become more,
more than feathers, drying gore.
a dead crow is the leaves.

The well wisher’s wishing well

June 15, 2014

I threw my hopes into a wishing well—
my wishes, well, they disappeared.
I lost my hopes, despite your wishing well:
well wishing won’t return them now.

Into the darkness of the wishing well
they sank as well as wishes will
when wishing well for wishes. Teardrops well
in place of wishes, dripping down.

I’m sorry for your fruitless wishing well—
I tried, I did, to wear them well,
but wishing well won’t fill a wishing well,
nor will it raise me from the ground.

My wishes, well, they disappeared—
they sank as well as wishes will.
I tried, I did, to wear them well.

Well wishing won’t return them now,
in place of wishes, dripping down,
nor will it raise me from the ground.

On the eve of the storm

June 10, 2014

On the eve of the storm,
the trees toss their displeasure—
or welcome—
I cannot be sure.
I cannot read the leaves
of their books;
for there’re books
in their leaves.

On the eve of the storm,
the air is rippling with its energy—
the air is washing warm.
Crackling? No,
but the anticipation is palpable,
and I am warm,
on the eve of the storm.

Portrait of a grocery clerk

June 2, 2014

Flaccid face, lank hair, tongue rolled against her bottom teeth and seen through the little triangle of her lips. Heavy eyelids, drooped, a darker brush than the rest. Between customers she sketches monsters on the back of a receipt. But she smiled when the old man went into the women’s washroom, and gave me a smile, too, though the day has been long for both of us.


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