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July 26, 2013

Last night I was pulled from my bed,
not by arms but by noises instead—
I went to my door,
lay down on my floor,
and heard every word that was said.

My throat was chock full of my heart
as I watched my mom fly all apart.
She stomped on the ground,
ran circles around,
and screamed, “It was dead from the start!”

She broke when she fell to the floor—
I could see through the crack in the door
as her head hit the ground
with a sickening sound—
she wept and I couldn’t see more.

I put my ear close to the crack,
lying pressed up against on my back.
I heard Dad drop down—
his knees made a sound—
he said, “I can get back on track.”

My heart seemed to make so much noise,
my ear could scarce pick up her voice,
she said “Not a chance,
I’ve taken my stance.”
She stood and said, “You made your choice.”

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