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ljóð fyrir prinsessa minn

October 14, 2014


I glimpsed you in the forest, dancing in
the silver shafts of moonlight falling through
the leaves like liquid; in the river, too,
I saw you splash among the jagged stones
and play beneath the water’s raging foam;
I watched you laughing in the streets, where lights
and darkness weave their jumbled patterns and
the sidewalk cracks are filled with life; and on
the rooftops, singing out a song of wild
abandon, I espied you from afar,
your wingtips glowing in the endless stars.

(Please take me where you are!)

Upon the emptiness between the black
and white primeval lines, I glimpsed your eyes,
and through their gaze I found new colour in
the pages; in the nighttime, too, where eyes
have disappeared, I saw your light and heard
you whisper in the movement of my blinds;
between the tickings of my clock, I watched
you confidently soar beyond our time,
your autumn sandals etching maps into
the unknown planes; and in the faces of
the people that I met I spied the care
you give to everything, and felt you there.

(I see you everywhere.)

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