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Some say love is like poetry

February 24, 2016

My love is like the poets:

It is Emily Browning: absolutely adoring
and profoundly thankful;

It is William Wordsworth: beautiful and natural,
a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings;

It is William Blake: innocent and experienced,
revolutionary, feminist, and romantic;

It is Samuel T. Coleridge: the relief and intoxication
of laudanum, the addiction and dependence;

It is John Donne: carnal and holy;
It is John Milton: inventive and iconic;
It is John Keats: beautiful and true;

It is Andrew Marvell, or at least it is impatient,
and Robert Browning: patient and utterly dedicated;

It is Allen Ginsberg: wild and human;
Alfred Tennyson: expressive and mythical;

It is William Shakespeare: immortal and public;
It is Emily Dickinson: mortal and private;

It is Percy Shelley: heart of hearts;
And I love you more than Lord Byron loved himself.


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