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Psalm 151

April 26, 2016

Oh Lord, I cry out to you;
Day and night I cry out,
“Lord, have mercy!”

Is there a language you do not speak?
Is there a groaning you cannot hear, oh Lord?
Is there a language you do not understand?
I speak with the tongue you gave me, Lord,
And yet, I am not heard:
Truly, even I do not understand my moaning.

Oh Lord, I cry out to you!
The wind has passed, oh God–
I have been torn to pieces!–
The earthquake has passed, oh Lord–
I have fallen to the deep places!–
The fire has passed, Father:
Lo! my body has burned away!
Where are you in the silence that surrounds me?

Oh Lord, I have been quiet,
Waiting for you to comfort me.
Lord, have mercy on your servant.

Day and night I lie as a dead person,
Waiting for a still small voice,
Panting for a gentle whisper:
I lie as a female goat–even as a pigeon,
I lie on the horns of your altar–
My God, my God! how long must I lay as one who is dead?

Oh Lord, you have sealed my mouth with fire;
My God, as coal you have hardened my heart;
Lord, my limbs have been made wooden;
How, oh Lord, can I speak to you?

Where is your spirit, Lord?
I am not afraid of your tongue of fire.
I am dry as kindling in the desert;
I cry out to you, oh Lord,
Day and night I cry out,
“Have mercy on me!”

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  1. May 5, 2016 10:03 pm

    Good use of Hebrew poetic images as well as a few more modern ones. You also used a few different types of parallelisms common to Hebrew poetry. Perhaps a superscription would make it even more authentic. Well done!

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